tickle, tickle- haha!

This is what I get for marrying an Asian woman. I pay to go to plays and restaurants and hear people talk about the white ghost devil.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yule Get Yours a Little Late

I was late getting the Christmas cards out as they just got dropped in the blue box today. I hope that most people get theirs by the 12th day of Christmas. I was delayed in part by not feeling the urge to do a letter. ( I didn't do one last year either, but DD came up with the quiz idea and we knocked it out quick.) It's easy to write an interesting letter when you have one of the BIG events happen during the year, I'm not counting turning 40 as a BIG event, but not so much when life is just rolling along. (I'm not complaining, I know many people would love to be "just rolling along.") So, this year we decided to save a tree and go sans letter. We'll see if any one notices.

May you have safe travels and a very Merry Christmas. May we all have Peace and Joy in the New Year.

M (aka WGD)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it's Thanksgiving Eve and I'm thankful that I don't have to travel this weekend. If I'm lucky, I won't have to see a freeway or airport all weekend. Sometimes it is good to be me. (Until next week, when I travel for work.)

Although, I don't get out of everything because my brother's family is staying over tomorrow night. Thanksgiving morning we get to clean the house, and I have to change out the leaky valve in the Boy's bathroom toilet. We don't want people to think that we live in a house with clutter and running toilets, do we?

Have a wonderful holiday.

P.S. My response to D-Doll's post about the house going up across the street-- we just found out that they are making an elevated RV parking pad up to the property line. So what view the monster house itself does not block, a f'ing RV will block for 51 weeks of the year. I'd say I'm not bitter, but I am. I hope their toilets run.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Name Game (or where have Billy & Mary gone?)

D-Doll and I snuck away yesterday while the Boy was glued to his Grandma's laptop and went to the mall to do some pre-holiday scouting. While there, we went into the Hallmark to get some cards. Since both of us have somewhat uncommon names, we will often look at the displays of pre-personalized coffee mugs or key chains to lament our plight. (We really know how to have a good time, don't we?) Well, at the store, there was a rack of name mugs for kids. Two spellings for Katlynn, but no Mary. Aiden, but no Bill or Billy. Doesn't anybody name their kid Joe or Jenny anymore?

I thought we were being unique by give the Boy a unique (& family) name. I guess everyone else is unique too.

PS. Happy #8 to my #1! (By "#1" I mean only. There is no #2, so stop looking at me like that.)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Where's the Content?

Sorry I haven't posted in the last couple of months. I have been writing, just not here. I thought I'd give DDoll something a little different for her birthday, so I wrote a screen play for her. I bought a couple resource books, and have been working on it for the last 5 weeks. (She got the rough draft before her birthday. I also gave her a maple tree.) I don't know if it's any good, but I do know it's almost done. It's been a fun project and I'm already thinking about my next story.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Single Parents are Crazy (Or will be soon.)

The Boy and I are flying solo this week as DDoll is at alt ed conference in the Portland area. All and all we've made it through the day and a half without needing to call CPS in more than normal. But feeling the full and unrelenting focus of a young child (with a running stream of consciousness commentary) while still trying to get work and household chores done makes me think that people raise kids alone should be sainted and/or institutionalized. I have not resorted the electric babysitter yet, though I might hold the chance of a special TV night on Thursday as a bribe for good behavior. (I'm not sure if the good behavior needs to be from me or him.)

Still, if I didn't know that come Friday evening I'll again have the ability to say "Tag, you're it!" I'd be a sad camper.

I should go as my desk is filling up with Lego cars.

PS. I also miss DDoll greatly, but that's a different topic.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter guesses

I like the ones that say Harry gets it from the guy in the Members Only jacket. Could happen. Here are my predictions if anybody cares;

Ron- I've been thinking that he dies, but now I think he makes it. Saddly, I'm guessing his twin brothers get dead.

Hermine (I've read her name for 6 books and still don't know how to spell it.)- Lives, they can't kill Herminniey.

Neville- He dies a hero.

Draco- Repents and dies.

Snape- Is really good and gets really dead.

Dumbledore- He's still dead, but makes a "Use the Force" statement from beyond the grave.

Harry- He lives and saves the day, but losses the ablity to do magic in the process. He lives happily ever after as a teacher at Hogwarts.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Are Carrots Still Healthy Food

If you use them to spoon up home-made blue cheese dip?
I'm only asking because D-Doll made some and it's pretty good.